DefCon Security Consultants is a grassroots personal protection firm that specializes in providing people with the skills necessary to protect themselves, their loved ones, and others from violence. Be it social violence, active shooters, or terrorist attacks, DefCon’s goal is to provide functional hands-on and classroom-based learning experiences that prepare students to respond to a wide variety of violent encounters.

DSC was established by Co-founders Keith, Alice, and Daniel Webb. They have drawn from their collective experiences in traditional Okinawan martial arts, self-defense, weapons and ammunition research, and military training to develop critical response curricula that give learners the tools they need to respond to armed and unarmed active threats. Keith has been a classroom teacher for nearly three decades, so he draws on his teaching experience to make the DefCon content meaningful and applicable to students. Daniel, who served in the United States Army, brings his extensive knowledge of firearms and military tactics into DefCon’s training. Alice draws from her extensive knowledge of weapons and ammunition to enhance our training. Further, she speaks to the unique needs of women in self-defense situations, giving them an example to follow throughout their training.

Read more about each member of our team here.

We subscribe to Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper’s wisdom: “If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge nor jury. Therefore what he must be taught to fear is his victim.”


It was a very great class and I was taught a lot that I didn’t know before. They gave us some valuable information, gave us advice, and showed us lots of various moves to protect ourselves. I highly recommend that you take this class. I’m so glad I signed up.

Candace H.

Taking this self defense class was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made! Before taking the course I had so much anxiety about the “what ifs”. What if someone attacked me in the parking lot, what if someone came in shooting at a restaurant, what if someone physically tried to take me. Keith and Alice taught me how to feel strong and ready. They went over real world scenarios and taught me how to physically protect myself through hands on exercises. I was even able to complete everything while pregnant! I looked forward to seeing them every week.

Tiffany W.

Thank you so much to Keith, Alice, and Daniel for teaching such a great class today! I learned a lot and really gained confidence in things I could do if I ever got in a scary situation. I know a lot of ladies were scared about the class and that they might have to get down on the floor or be in uncomfortable situations in front of the group, but the structure of the class was very comfortable and let you decide what you wanted to try or not. We mainly practiced different techniques in pairs with the instructors modeling and helping us

Heather W.

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