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We offer a range of training opportunities that will give learners a breadth of skills that will assist them in managing a variety of threatening situations. From understanding the freeze/flight/fight response to disrupting and engaging the active shooter, our curriculum will prepare students for practically any situation.

Personal Protection

Typically described as ‘self-defense’, the Personal Protection course is a hands-on tactics course that teaches students methods for defending themselves against a variety of violent encounters. From social violence to asocial predation, DefCon’s Personal Protection course will provide learners with valuable instruction on how to physically defend themselves.

Active Shooter Response

Active shooters have become an all-too-common part of our lives. Threats have moved beyond the typical workplace and school shootings and have begun targeting people in department stores and night clubs. The Active Shooter course is designed to prepare participants for the possibility of encountering an active shooter. Everything from evaluating the situation to confronting the threat (either armed or unarmed) is covered in this course.


Different from personal protection, self-defense is the practice of avoiding situations that could potentially become violent. The Self-Defense course trains participants to recognize threat cues, differentiate between social and asocial violence, engage in de-escalation techniques, and manage physiological responses to threats and violence, among other non-contact skills.

Contact us for pricing information. Special consideration is given to public and private schools. We serve individuals, small groups, hospitals, churches, corporate entities, and school systems.

Schools and School Districts – What DefCon Can Do for You

If you are associated with a public or private school entity, click the headline above to find the services DefCon Security Consultants can bring to your organization. The safety of your students and staff are our top priority.

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