Let’s Skip the Formalities, Shall We?

We are DefCon Security Consultants.  Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive personal protection training to the public that we possibly can deliver.  From this platform, we will address numerous issues that arise in the realm of personal protection, including:

  • individual personal protection
  • understanding violence
  • current events and news
  • debunking the bad information that poisons the internet
  • other concepts as we encounter them

So who are we?  We are a martial arts family with 6 certified Yudansha (Black Belts).  I (Keith) started training in martial arts at the age of 14.  I trained in a variety of martial arts styles in college. Our family started training in traditional Okinawan karate in 2009.  Three of our family have since been promoted to Nidan (2nd degree Black Belt), one is a Shodan (1st-degree Black Belt), and 2 are Shodan-ho (Junior Black Belts).
None of that really qualifies us to be champions of personal protection.  We’ve spent years outside of the dojo training in self-defense, firearms tactics, and active awareness.  I personally read on the subject of personal protection and violence as a matter of ongoing education.  Our oldest son, the brains behind the formation of DefCon Security Consultants, is a long-time student of military tactics and firearms.  He is scheduled to leave for Army Basic Training in March 2016.
We are not experts, we are students.  A part of the purpose of this blog is to provide an outlet for our own thoughts and explorations in the areas of violence and personal protection.  Expertise derives from experience; this blog is a part of that experience.
We hope that it’s as meaningful to our readers as it is to us as we create the content.
Now… let’s get started.
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