Schools and School Districts – What DefCon Can Do for You

As educators, our most important responsibility is providing a safe and secure learning environment for our students. In a world that seems more and more prone to targeting innocent students in their classrooms, it is more imperative than ever that we provide the best available practices and solutions to our staffs. That’s where DefCon Security Consultants comes in.

Most school safety trainers are current or former police officers, military personnel, or other defensive experts. What sets DefCon apart from other trainers is this: we have a safety expert who has served for nearly three decades in the public school system as a classroom teacher. What makes that a significant detail?

Keith sees school safety from the perspective of a teacher.

Police officers and military personnel are excellent in their roles, and we are thankful for them every day. What they don’t understand quite as well, however, is the nuance associated with being in a classroom when violence rears its head. Police and military are trained to seek out, engage, and eliminate a threat. In most cases, it defines how they teach active threat response. While going to the threat is an important aspect of school safety, it doesn’t help a classroom teacher keep his or her students safe.

You need someone who can inform your teachers of best practices for defending the classroom space, cafeteria, gymnasium, and hallway. You need someone who can help your teachers set up a classroom that is simultaneously conducive to safety and functional as a learning environment. You need someone who can help teachers develop a plan for keeping their students safe wherever they may be in the building.

You need DefCon Security Consultants.

Keith’s classroom is a carefully organized space that provides students with ample concealment, numerous improvised weapons at their fingertips, and effective space management that allows him to engage and eliminate any threat that may enter his classroom.

DefCon Security Consultants will use their perspective as educational insiders to provide your classroom teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge to keep your students safe. Further, we can conduct a facilities analysis that will help you create the safest campus possible, both inside and out.

Because Keith is an educator by trade, the trainers at Defcon are also cognizant of budgetary limitations, so we can work with your school or educational association to provide training at a workable cost.

Violence doesn’t always come with clear indicators. Prevention is best, but when prevention fails, our best option is to rely on a plan for responding to a threat. Contact DefCon today to begin the process of having us go to work for you, your staff, and, most important, your students.

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